Basic Dungeons & Dragons

The Basic Dungeons and Dragons set began publication in 1978, and received a new edition in 1979. The following images are of the 1979 edition and its contents, which was the most widely distributed. By this time, Tactical Studies Rules had been re-incorporated by Gary Gygax and his associates as TSR Hobbies, Inc.

the Basic Set’s box cover.

This set was one of the most coherent box sets ever produced for Dungeons and Dragons, which was especially unique considering the relative anonymity of the small cult following which had sprung up around the original rules box. The 1979 set contained a single rulebook, an adventure module for beginner play, character sheets, hex grid and square grid paper for player copying and use, and – most uniquely – a set of five plastic polyhedral dice.

It ought to be noted that the dice should rightfully include a fifth die. This die would have been 20-side, white, and inscribed twice over with the numbers from 0-9. d20s were not used in this edition of the game – instead, this was the early version of a 10-sided percentile die.

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